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We’re officially “On Deck”

2022-01-10 - We’ve got some exciting news to share…

Withe has been backed by ODX! Plus, we’re launching our private beta for DTC brands and SaaS companies.

Video chat is here to stay

If the past two years taught us anything, it’s that our most important relationships can not only survive, but thrive online with the right tools in place. Video chat has been the anchor for building and maintaining these relationships, evolving from ‘optional’ to ‘necessary’ for most of our one-to-one interactions.

Despite existing for years, improvements to the underlying technology (e.g. WebRTC) and widespread behaviour change quietly turned video chat into one of the fastest-adopted technologies in history. It skyrocketed from 19% to 81%(!!!) adoption in under 18 months during the pandemic. We’re never going back.

Why is video chat special? Because building relationships requires trust, and whether we like it or not, humans are wired to do this face-to-face. For a lot of us, especially early into COVID, this meant FaceTimes with family members in between Zoom Happy Hours. But video chat has taken on an outsized role in all the important one-to-one relationships in our lives: Student–Teacher, Patient–Doctor, Athlete–Coach, and more.

Building Withe

Yet, face-to-face conversation hasn’t found its way to the digital Buyer-Seller relationship. Building trust is even more critical when we buy things that matter. Sure, some things can be bought with a click, but the most important purchases in our lives – whether an engagement ring, life insurance, or enterprise HR software – require face-to-face conversation.

We’re building Withe because we believe that video chat will transform the way we make important purchases online. Our vision is to make this happen frictionlessly. We’ve been hard at work bringing this future a little closer to ‘right now’, through building and launching the private beta for our on-demand video chat software. But we knew we couldn’t do it alone.


That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been backed by ODX! When we heard about the launch of ODX by On Deck, an organization that has quickly built a competitive advantage by focusing on human connection, we knew they’d be the right partner to help us in our mission.

ODX is On Deck’s $150M+ global venture capital fund and accelerator backed by top investors and operators from around the globe. We’re so humbled to join as 1 of the 120 companies (45% of which are outside the US!) in the program’s inaugural cohort, selected from 7,800+ applicants from around the world.

What particularly excited us about joining ODX was the strength of the On Deck community. Not only fellow founders (who are all super impressive), but also the vast network of top talent, investors, and functional experts On Deck has cultivated through its fellowship programs. This is unlike any other accelerator program on earth.

You can read more about ODX here from Erik Torenberg (On Deck Co-CEO), here from Shawn Xu (Founding Partner), and Vancouver companies in ODX here (via Van Tech Journal).

Stay tuned

Want to join us in building the future of video commerce? We’ve launched a private beta of our on-demand video chat platform for DTC brands and SaaS companies -- if you’re interested in joining, please reach out! Better yet, try out Withe yourself by giving us a call in the bottom right corner ↘️

Want to stay up to date on our progress? Sign up here. Stay tuned for more content on why we’re building Withe, the future of video chat, the importance of speed in sales, and updates to our product.

With love from Vancouver 🇨🇦

Daniel, Liam, and Shayne

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