Prep Cook Job Description Template [2024]

A Prep Cook is a culinary professional responsible for preparing ingredients, chopping, and assembling dishes in a kitchen to support the cooking process.

Use this Prep Cook job description template to promote your job openings and attract qualified candidates. Customize the job brief, responsibilities, requirements, and skills according to your specific needs.

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Job Brief

We are looking for a detail-oriented and energetic Prep Cook to join our kitchen team. As a Prep Cook, you will play a vital role in ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of the kitchen by preparing ingredients and assisting with various tasks.

The ideal candidate should have a passion for food preparation, excellent organizational skills, and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment.


  • Prepare and measure ingredients for menu items according to established recipes
  • Assist with chopping, dicing, and slicing vegetables, meats, and other food items
  • Organize and maintain the kitchen's prep area, ensuring cleanliness and efficiency
  • Stock and restock kitchen inventory, keeping track of ingredient quantities
  • Collaborate with chefs and other kitchen staff to ensure timely preparation of ingredients
  • Follow food safety and sanitation guidelines to maintain a clean and safe kitchen environment
  • Contribute to the overall efficiency of the kitchen by supporting various tasks as needed
  • Assist in maintaining kitchen equipment and utensils

Requirements and Skills

  • Proven experience as a Prep Cook or in a similar role
  • Knowledge of basic cooking techniques and food safety guidelines
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced and dynamic kitchen environment
  • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Strong communication and teamwork skills
  • Culinary training or relevant work experience is a plus
  • Proficiency in basic food preparation techniques
  • Ability to follow recipes accurately
  • Adaptability and flexibility in handling various kitchen tasks
  • Physical stamina and the ability to stand for extended periods

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Prep Cook?
A Prep Cook is a culinary professional responsible for preparing ingredients, chopping, and assembling dishes in a kitchen to support the cooking process.
What does a Prep Cook do?
A Prep Cook's responsibilities include:
  • Preparing and chopping ingredients
  • Measuring and mixing ingredients according to recipes
  • Assisting in cooking and food presentation
  • Maintaining cleanliness and organization in the kitchen
  • Collaborating with kitchen staff to ensure timely food preparation
What should you look for in a Prep Cook resume?
When reviewing a Prep Cook resume, consider:
  • Culinary training and relevant certifications
  • Experience in food preparation and kitchen operations
  • Knowledge of food safety and sanitation
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Attention to detail and organizational skills
  • Any additional culinary skills or specialties

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