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Withe makes virtual hiring events simple + effective

  • Take scheduling to the next level

    Withe automatically schedules and prioritizes candidates

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  • Eliminate no-shows

    Never waste time in an empty video conference room again

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  • Meet more qualified candidates

    Withe removes accessibility barriers and expands your talent pipeline

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Running an event is easy

  • Set up events in seconds

    Withe lets recruiters set up virtual hiring events with just a few clicks, reducing the administrative burden with seamless integration into your recruitment stack.

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Your time is valuable

No more wasted time waiting for candidates to show up. Whether you're interviewing 10+ candidates or 1,000+, Withe eliminates no-shows and brings the top available applicants to the front of the line.

  • Withe's platform operates at scale

  • Our smart queueing system fills the gaps

  • You run streamlined events

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No more back and forth

The candidate experience can influence your drop-off and offer acceptance rates. Using Withe, you can give candidates what they’re looking for.In Withe, qualified candidates can:

  • Register in just a few clicks

  • Request accommodations

  • Join at the scheduled time

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