How to create an effective landing page for a virtual hiring event

by The Withe Team
June 4, 20246 min read
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A lesson we all learn eventually is that first impressions are important. This feels especially true today. Attention spans are limited and the expectation for seamless, engaging, and informative experiences is higher than ever.

For recruiters hosting virtual hiring events, this means that they can’t spend all their time and energy ensuring that the event itself goes without a hitch — they also need to make a great first impression with an event landing page.

In this article, we’re exploring how effective landing pages can make virtual hiring events more successful. We’re also sharing our top tips for creating a landing page that leads to results.

What is a virtual hiring event landing page?

A virtual hiring event landing page is a microsite or standalone web page that has all the details potential candidates need to know about the event, the available roles, and perhaps even the employer brand itself.

The purpose of this page is to convert potential candidates into applicants that will attend the event. As such, it should also have an easy way for these candidates to register and submit any required information.

Why is a landing page important for a virtual hiring event?

Your landing page is the first impression a candidate might have of your event and your employer brand. It’s an opportunity to speak to your target talent pool in a way that resonates with them and encourages them to sign up. This is where your employer marketing and talent acquisition efforts will have to align. (These two functions do go hand in hand, after all.)

By providing an optimal experience within your landing page, one that’s easy to navigate and clear in its messaging, you’ll be encouraging candidates to join you at your virtual event.

Withe's hiring event platform makes it easy to set up virtual hiring event landing pages in just a few clicks.

The anatomy of a great virtual hiring event landing page

For a virtual hiring event landing page to be successful, it should include the following components.

Note: While we've focused on virtual hiring events for this piece, these steps will also apply to landing pages for in-person and hybrid events.

Details of the event

When is the event? How will candidates join? What is the deadline for registering? All of these questions should be answered almost immediately at the top of the landing page. This will be helpful for candidates to understand if they have the availability to attend — and it will also be a good resource for anyone that needs to check the time more than once.

A list of roles you’re hiring for

If you’re seeking candidates for more than one role at your virtual hiring event, include a list of all the roles you’re hiring for.

Each of these roles should have a clear job description attached to it. Within the job description, there should be a clear outline of the role, any key requirements, a salary range, and information on whether the role is remote or not.

If you’re only hiring for one role, you may consider just including the job description in the landing page itself (not as a separate page) so that candidates get all the information they’re looking for up front.

An overview of the employer

The landing page for your virtual hiring event may be the first time a candidate is interacting with your employer brand. As such, you should take the opportunity to share some information about the company, what it’s like working there, and what new hires can expect.

We recommend keeping this section concise and to the point. You don’t want your landing page to be too long. That said, you can provide a link to your company’s careers page so that they can go and learn more if they want to.

Copy that speaks to your target audience

Remember when we said that a hiring event landing page will combine your employer marketing and talent acquisition skills? Your copy is a good example of this. The copy in your landing page should be engaging and tailored to your target audience. For example, if you’re a seasonal high-volume recruiter trying to hire people that are early in their career, you may want to use language that focuses on the learning opportunities they’ll get on the job. Alternatively, you might use a different approach for new grads. That said, while you may shift your tone, the voice in your copy should be consistent with the employer brand.

Your copy will also be responsible for encouraging action. Make sure you’re making the benefits of registering clear, and guide potential candidates to sign up.

A simple registration process

Ideally, you will have a registration widget on the landing page so that interested candidates can sign up for the virtual hiring event in just a few clicks. Having this on the landing page is useful because:

  • It doesn’t require the candidate to go elsewhere to sign up
  • It gives the candidate an immediate action to take

In addition to their name, contact details, and resume, the registration form should also include a section for accommodation requests for disabled candidates.

Bonus: Employee testimonials

If you have any, employee testimonials can be a great way to showcase how your employees feel about the company. Ideally, you’ll want to feature testimonials from people in the same roles (or similar) to the ones you’re hiring for.

How to create a landing page in Withe

In Withe, we’ve made it easier than ever for recruiters to set up landing pages for their virtual hiring events. In just a few clicks, recruiters can create landing pages that are simple and effective in design, with all the details candidates need to register for the event.

After creating the page, which will include important details such as the date and time of the event and a description of the employer, teams can create their role descriptions, which will automatically populate the landing page.

Candidates are able to sign up directly from the landing page, as well as make accommodation requests. They can then return to the landing page at the time of the event to jump on their video interview, powered by the Withe platform.

Our landing pages are designed with best practices in mind so that recruiters are better positioned to attract and engage with qualified candidates that meet their hiring needs. With our virtual hiring event platform in your corner, you can make a better first impression.

Withe’s hiring event platform makes it easy to set up virtual hiring event landing pages in just a few clicks. Try Withe today.

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