How to scale your high-volume hiring with virtual hiring events

by The Withe Team
Contributor: Gillian Emerson, Talent Success Manager, Toast
February 13, 20245 min read
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When it comes to volume hiring, it’s easy to operate under the assumption that more is more. If you need to fill more roles, then you just need to find and attract more candidates, right? Well, yes, in theory. But that can’t be the only strategy.

To run successful high-volume hiring initiatives, recruiters need to do way more than just attempt to scale traditional recruiting methods. (Trust us, it’s not going to work.)

High-volume recruiters operate in a very competitive market, and that means they need to move fast and make decisions quickly if they want to hire the best possible talent. As such, they need processes and tools that can make them more agile and efficient, while also increasing their reach to a broader pool of high-quality candidates.

One proven strategy for meeting all of these goals is virtual hiring events. With input from Gillian Emerson, Talent Success Manager at Toast, this article will outline how virtual hiring events can help efficiently and effectively scale your high-volume hiring programs.

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3 ways virtual hiring events help make high-volume hiring more effective

Gillian runs talent acquisition at Toast, a company that helps mission-driven organizations get serious about gender equity by matching them with vetted members of its collective of women in tech. Toast recently partnered with Withe to support their virtual hiring efforts, what follows is an overview of how they’ve benefited from using our platform.

1. Virtual hiring events eliminate regional constraints

Virtual hiring events eliminate geographical boundaries, enabling teams to attract candidates from diverse locations and increasing the chances of finding qualified talent.

“We found out through our first event we had a large audience in Atlanta despite being a Canadian company,” Gillian shared. “This allowed us to further explore the idea of conducting more events in the US, partnering with US based companies, and utilizing the mature US talent pool of women in tech.”

This ability to reach candidates in multiple locations is particularly important for teams looking to hire quickly, and at scale.

2. Virtual hiring events help build pipelines

It’s possible to run virtual hiring events even when you’re not actively trying to fill a role. Even if you’re just exploring the idea of a role, you can run virtual informational interviews. “It really helps you see what talent is out there,” says Gillian. “The streamlined processes can significantly reduce the time it takes to fill open positions, which are crucial for high-volume hiring needs.”

With a clearer sense of what talent is available where, your recruiters can be more targeted when it comes to actually filling roles.

3. Virtual hiring events provide useful data

Modern virtual hiring event platforms are typically able to gather useful event-related and candidate data that can then be automatically shared with an applicant tracking system or other core parts in the recruitment tech stack. This is useful information that can be used to make short- and long-term decisions around your volume hiring program.

“Virtual platforms like Withe provide analytics and data tracking, helping us measure the success of our hiring events and make data-informed decisions for future events,” Gillian shared. “For us, Withe has helped us nail down how to attract more talent, determine what disciplines may be more difficult to attract talent than others (and how to combat this by more targeted marketing), and get an overall better understanding of our audience.”

Withe's hiring event platform helps recruiters run virtual hiring events where they can interview qualified candidates at scale.

How to make the most of your virtual hiring events

As part of a virtual recruiting or hybrid recruiting strategy, virtual hiring events can be really important tools in your toolkit. The teams that run the best virtual events are the ones that lay out an intentional strategy that aligns with their recruiting needs. Some best practices include:

  • Choosing the right virtual hiring event platform. Consider adopting a hiring event platform or technology that was designed with volume hiring in mind. (Learn more about how Withe supports volume hiring recruiters.) This solution should also seamlessly integrate with the rest of your recruiting tech stack.
  • Create repeatable processes. A lot of volume hiring happens on a seasonal basis. The sooner you have a process in place that you can easily replicate each season, the more proactive your team can be.
  • Prioritize the candidate experience. Make it easy for qualified candidates to sign up for virtual hiring events, regardless of where they are located. Consider having hiring events outside of the typical 9 to 5, (such as early mornings, evenings, or weekends) so more people can participate. You should also ensure that your virtual hiring events are designed to provide accessibility accommodations as needed.

By incorporating these tenets into your virtual hiring event strategies, you’ll be better equipped to scale your volume hiring efforts.

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More isn’t always more

In volume hiring, the only way you can scale your hiring efforts effectively is by taking a strategic and intentional approach. With the right virtual hiring strategy (and event platform), your team will be able to expand the reach of their hiring efforts, proactively build out talent pipelines, and have comprehensive data sets that inform recruiting decisions in the short and long term.

Withe’s hiring event platform helps recruiters run virtual hiring events where they can interview qualified candidates at scale. Learn more about our product.

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