How to implement video interviews in your volume hiring process

by The Withe TeamMarch 19, 2024 | 6 min read

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Adding technology to an inherently human process like high-volume recruiting can sometimes seem counterintuitive. What if by adopting a new digital or AI-enabled solution you ultimately end up depersonalizing the hiring process? Worse still, what if it puts your candidate relationships at risk and lowers the chance of them accepting an offer down the line?

And sure, this might be true of some HR tech solutions — but not all of them. Some technologies, like video interview software, can not only enhance the volume hiring process, they can also improve your ability to create meaningful connections with candidates in a short period of time.

In this article, we’ll share all the details you need to know to successfully implement video interviews into your volume hiring process.

Why volume hiring teams should use video interviewing

Today’s volume hiring teams operate in an increasingly competitive talent market. Not only do they have to compete with industry peers for similar talent, they are also contending with candidates that have higher expectations than ever.

While some recruiters opt for massive in-person free-for-all hiring events to attract as many people as possible, these are problematic at best. In the last year alone, many such events have been in the news for their long lines and waiting times, and dissatisfied candidates. So much for candidate experience, right?

For volume hiring teams to be effective, they need to refine their processes and adopt solutions that meet these needs head on, while also improving the experience for recruiters. With video interviews, teams can be more efficient, provide flexibility for candidates and recruiters alike, and build connections with candidates faster.

Withe's hiring event platform helps high-volume recruiters interview candidates more efficiently and effectively than ever.

7 benefits of video interviewing in volume hiring

Making video interviewing a core part of your volume hiring process can introduce a number of benefits. These include:

A faster recruitment process. Today, the best candidates spend an average ten days on the market. You need to be able to speak to promising candidates quickly, and video interviews can facilitate that. Rather than trying to figure out when you can get multiple people in the same room at the same time, you get to remove the location factor altogether. This way, recruiters can engage candidates faster and move them along the hiring journey more efficiently.

A more cost-effective approach. With in-person interviews, there’s a lot of money that goes towards snacks, coffees, and expensive travel. Plus, interviews take up space that could be used for core business activities. Video interviews hugely reduce this administrative cost.

Increased accessibility. Video interviews make it much easier to accommodate disabled individuals. This not only improves inclusion in the hiring process, it also opens the door to a broader talent pool that has a lot to offer to workplaces.

Rapid human connections. While technology can sometimes get in the way of a human connection, live video interviews make it easier for recruiters to get in front of candidates faster. Recruiters can still read body language, and candidates can feel more comfortable asking about the company they’re applying to.

A broader candidate pool. Video interviews mean you don’t have to limit your candidate search to a limited geographic area. Instead, your recruiters are better able to speak to potential candidates from other cities, regions, or even countries.

A better candidate experience. A positive candidate experience is about more than ensuring applicants enjoy the hiring process — it can also improve your offer acceptance rates and reduce your time to fill. A modern, easy to use video interview process can help by providing candidates with a conversation they can attend comfortably from home, without the stress of a new environment.

A better recruiter experience. The recruiter experience can also benefit from video interviews. Recruiters are able to interview candidates from the working space of their choice, and can easily navigate multiple interviews in a day without having to move from that location.

When to implement video interview in volume hiring process

The way we see it, video interviews can be used at every interview stage in the hiring process. While some providers will suggest using asynchronous video interviews at the early stages of the process, and then move on to live interviews later on, we think that’s a missed opportunity for forging a real connection with candidates.

Instead, using a hiring event platform like Withe, you can introduce live interviews at the very beginning of the candidate journey. In fact, Withe can even act as your point of entry, as recruiters can set up job postings on the platform, which candidates can then use to register for a hiring event and schedule an interview time.

How to choose a video interviewing tool for your volume hiring

As you review video interview solutions for your volume hiring process, here are a few questions to ask yourself (and the vendors!).

Can it handle a high volume of interviews? If you’re running a virtual hiring event with multiple recruiters and candidates attending, you need a platform that can manage multiple video interviews at the same time.

Does it integrate seamlessly with your HR tech stack? Does the tool allow recruiters to automatically send notes or a hiring decision through to the candidate profile on your ATS?

Can candidates self-schedule their interviews? Allowing candidates to have control over their interview times is a huge tick in the candidate experience column. Candidates will appreciate the flexibility and feel like some of their needs are being met.

Can candidates make accommodation requests when they register? Candidates should be able to articulate whether they need captions or a little more time to join the video call.

Does it synchronize with recruiter calendars? Is the platform able to pull in another recruiter for a scheduled call if one happens to fall off the roster for any reason?

Are candidates able to meet with a recruiter immediately upon registering? Does the tool have the capability to put candidates in a queue during a live hiring event?

These are all things that can support your team in executing a successful high-volume recruiting process with video interviewing.

Video interviews power volume hiring processes

Over the last few years, leaders in the recruitment space have been rapidly adopting new technologies and solutions to make their teams faster and more efficient. As they continue to build and refine their recruitment tech stacks, and look to stay ahead of their volume hiring competitors, video interview solutions are bound to remain a vital component.

Withe’s hiring event platform helps high-volume recruiters interview candidates more efficiently and effectively than ever. Learn more about our product.

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