Retail Buyer Job Description Template [2024]

A Retail Buyer is a professional responsible for selecting and purchasing merchandise to be sold in retail establishments.

Use this Retail Buyer job description template to promote your job openings and attract qualified candidates. Customize the job brief, responsibilities, requirements, and skills according to your specific needs.

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Job Brief

We are looking for a strategic and results-driven Retail Buyer to join our team. As a Retail Buyer, you will be responsible for selecting and purchasing merchandise to ensure a profitable and on-trend product assortment.

The ideal candidate should have a keen understanding of market trends, strong negotiation skills, and the ability to contribute to the overall success of our retail operations.


  • Conduct market research to identify current trends, consumer preferences, and competitor offerings
  • Collaborate with vendors and suppliers to negotiate favorable terms, pricing, and delivery schedules
  • Analyze sales data and customer feedback to make informed decisions about product selection and assortment planning
  • Develop and maintain strong relationships with existing suppliers while actively seeking new partnerships
  • Monitor inventory levels and collaborate with the planning team to optimize stock levels based on demand forecasts
  • Place and track purchase orders, ensuring timely and accurate delivery of merchandise
  • Work closely with the marketing team to develop promotional strategies and campaigns for selected products
  • Collaborate with the visual merchandising team to create appealing product displays and maximize sales
  • Analyze sales performance and adjust buying strategies to meet or exceed financial targets
  • Stay informed about industry trends, attend trade shows, and participate in professional development to stay current in the retail buying field

Requirements and Skills

  • Proven experience as a Retail Buyer or in a similar role
  • Strong analytical and decision-making skills
  • Excellent negotiation and relationship-building abilities
  • Ability to interpret sales data and market trends to make strategic buying decisions.
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills
  • Proficiency in using Microsoft Office Suite and buying-related software
  • Strong organizational and multitasking abilities
  • Knowledge of inventory management and supply chain processes
  • Creativity and a keen eye for selecting merchandise that aligns with the brand and appeals to the target customer
  • Bachelor's degree in Business, Merchandising, or a related field; additional certifications are a plus

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Retail Buyer?
A Retail Buyer is a professional responsible for selecting and purchasing merchandise to be sold in retail establishments. They play a crucial role in determining the product assortment, negotiating with suppliers, and maintaining inventory levels to meet customer demand.
What does a Retail Buyer do?
A Retail Buyer is responsible for analyzing market trends and consumer behavior to inform purchasing decisions, negotiating contracts and terms with suppliers, monitoring and adjusting inventory levels, collaborating with vendors and internal teams to implement merchandising strategies, evaluating product performance, staying informed about industry trends and competitor activities, and maintaining relationships with suppliers to ensure a well-curated product assortment and drive sales in a retail establishment.
What should you look for in a Retail Buyer resume?
When reviewing a Retail Buyer resume, consider:
  • Proven experience in retail buying and merchandise selection
  • Analytical skills for market trend analysis and data-driven decision-making
  • Strong negotiation and communication skills for dealing with suppliers
  • Knowledge of inventory management and demand forecasting
  • Experience in developing and implementing merchandising strategies
  • Familiarity with product categories relevant to the retail business
  • Any relevant certifications or training in retail buying or merchandising

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